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This is the third episode in our ongoing Homeland review series where Pearse and I dissect each episode of season 5 and discuss our thoughts on the show and the real life topics and situations it covers.  Via Porkins:

Tom and I are back again with another Homeland review show. This week we begin by exploring Homeland’s blatant sexism and misogyny. We focus first on Carrie and her character’s return to bi-polar nymphomaniac, and how the show has routinely made Carrie into an awful female character that we all hate. Tom and I discuss our theories for why the producers have continued to make Carrie into a monster and how this translates into a larger picture of how we view the CIA through Carrie. We also discuss how Quinn has fast become our favorite character despite the fact that he represents some of the worst aspects of the CIA. Later we break down the hacker character Newman and explore the notion that he is a “Reel Bad Arab.” We round out the conversation by diving into the geopolitical topics explored in this episode including: CIA coup in Syria, Snowden selling secrets to Russia, and Israel’s role in the Syrian War. We finish by discussing the recent story about several street artists “hacking” the Homeland set.


Homeland Season 5 Episode 3

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