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This week I joined Pearse to talk about the beginning of the new season of Homeland, and how it isn’t quite what we expected.  The entire 6th season is set between the US presidential election and inauguration day and while the president-elect is female, she is no Hitlery Clinton.  Instead she is a peacenik who wants to withdraw from Syria, and believes the domestic terrorist threat is overblown.  Meanwhile, a young Nigerian-American Muslim is arrested after making videos about the history of terrorism in the US, including the assassination of Meir Kahane in New York in the early 1990s.  We discussed this case and why it’s odd that a CIA-assisted series would be drawing people’s attention to it.

We will be returning to discuss Homeland season 6 more after a few more episodes have broadcast – while it is dwindling in entertainment value it remains one of the most politically interesting and provocative TV series out there.