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Continuing our long-running commentary, Pearse invited me back onto Porkins Policy Radio to talk about the first episode of the new season of Homeland.  For the first time in several seasons Homeland maintained the storyline from the previous season rather than rebooting the show’s storyline and characters.  This of course means that President Keane and Brett O’Keefe are still dominating the plot, while Carrie is still running around doing spy stuff.  Pearse and I discuss the way in which Homeland is reflecting the ‘deep state vs Trump’ narrative from real life, but in a more sophisticated way than any normal TV show, as well as the cunning way in which the CIA are still portrayed as the rational actors in a crazy world, despite not even being mentioned in the dialogue.  We also talk about some predictions for the new season (some serious, some stupid) as well as an astonishingly frank interview that showrunner Alex Gansa recently gave.