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I joined Henri, Keagan and Danny for a broad discussion of Amazon’s Jack Ryan and the CIA’s true history in Latin America.  We talk about Tom Clancy and his massive influence not just on the US public but also on the Reagan White House, before breaking down some of the key differences between season 1 and season 2 of Jack Ryan.  While season 1 has a somewhat nuanced approach to geopolitics, season 2 is little more than hyper-masculinist race-baiting and crude historical revisionism.  As always, the guys bring their personal experiences of the military and intelligence worlds to the discussion, highlighting some of the especially egregious moments in season 2 that betray its almost psychopathic approach to world events.  We also talk about how Jack Ryan represents something of a shift in the CIA’s Hollywood propaganda operations, from portraying it as a necessary evil in a complex and dangerous world, to portraying it as something we should – in John Krasinski’s words – be ‘thankful for, every single day’.