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This three-part radio documentary produced by CBC (and featuring Matt, Tanner Mirrlees and myself, among others) explores the role Hollywood has played in selling war going from WW2 right up to the modern day. While much of this will be familiar to long term listeners to ClandesTime there will be some new information in here because even I learned a few things, especially from the first episode which focuses on WW2 and the early Cold War period. The second episode largely looks at Vietnam and the cultural aftermath in the 70s and 80s, while the third and final episode looks at the war on terror.

This whole thing is close to three hours long so this really is for those of you who like epicly long audio to listen to while you’re working or doing housework or exercising or driving and so on. Each episode is about 54 minutes long so if you want to skip to episode 2 it starts at around the 56 or 57 minute mark and episode 3 starts around the 1hr 50/51 minute mark.