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Julian from The Mind Renewed invited me onto his show to discuss my view of the Edward Snowden phenomenon.  Via TMR:

Remember what the world used to be like – before 2013 – when all our electronic communications were being scooped up by intelligence agencies and stored in massive data silos? Well now, thanks to Edward Snowden…. well, what?

This week we welcome back to the programme writer, researcher and fim-maker Tom Secker of, and the fascinating podcast ClandesTime, who joins us for an in-depth and entertaining discussion on his controversial, yet intriguing, take on the whole Edward Snowden phenomenon. Is Snowden everything he seems to be? Were his NSA “revelations” really as significant as has almost universally been claimed? Or are there reasons to suspect that this might have been all officially sanctioned: an elaborate limited hangout for the purposes of normalisation and control?