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In 1997 actor Patrick Stewart paid a visit to CIA headquarters in Langley.  The edition of What’s News at CIA begins with a quote from Stewart saying, ‘I’m honored to be here and I commend what you do.’  The publication goes on to note how Stewart played Karla in a TV adaption of John Le Carré’s work, and how Stewart described the trip as a ‘pilgrimage’.

Stewart apparently explained that ‘when your Public Affairs Staff called, I was reading a book by Harvey Weinstein, an MKULTRA victim, whose grandson works for me.  I must tell you that this sordid story, and other media characterisations of your work, had somewhat coloured my perceptions of your organisation.  However, I am very favourably impressed with what I have seen here.’


What’s News at the CIA records with some pleasure how Stewart, ‘cited the similarity of what the Agency stands for and the values portrayed on Star Trek‘.  You can download the issue here (PDF, 89KB).