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Just a quickie to highlight some of the coverage resulting from my investigation and analysis of Amazon’s Jack Ryan and the CIA.  First up is the Grayzone, the Leftist anti-imperialist news/commentary site who wrote a very good article summing up my findings and outlining some of John Krasinski’s stunning admissions about the extent of CIA involvement on the show.  My thanks go to Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton for covering this accurately, because that’s more than some journalists managed.

Several other pieces this week wrongly attributed these findings to a twitter user who saw my original video, which is disappointing but also speaks to the poisonous relationship between social media and modern journalism.  Reporting on a twitterstorm is more important than reporting on what caused that twitterstorm, even if means misattributing research and misleading your audience.

A similar article also appeared in Mint Press News, written by Alan Macleod.  It includes a couple of small errors – e.g, that Jack Ryan season 2 involves nuclear weapons when that’s just a misleading bit of trailerbait designed to suck in audiencs – but is otherwise a fine piece that quotes both me and long time friend/collaborator Matt Alford.

I will also add that RT briefly showed an interest in covering this story and invited me on for an interview, before completely changing their minds and fobbing me off with some platitudes about how they’ll come back to the story in the future.  Here is my response:

I’ve been here before, that’s journalist speak for ‘we’re no longer bothering to cover this’. This is not the first time I’ve been messed around by RT.

Given that your show with Rick Sanchez recently covered a 3 year old Breitbart story (on Clinton/Ellen) and pretended like it was brand new, it’s pretty obvious to me that your very right wing political bias is the reason you’ve dropped this Jack Ryan story. Because my research doesn’t fit into your ideological slant, you don’t want to cover it. This speaks volumes regarding your lack of competence and journalistic integrity.

Don’t contact me again unless you’re actually running with a story, I don’t appreciate having my time wasted like this. Again.

So, in terms of media coverage resulting from my Jack Ryan investigation I’m giving Grayzone an A, Mint Press a hard B+ and RT a dunce cap.