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A listener kindly alerted me to how Spy Culture was flagged up on a recent episode of the Struggle Session podcast about Top Gun: Maverick.  They called Spy Culture ‘a great website that covers all the interactions between our government and Hollywood’ and noted my take on Top Gun: Maverick, namely that ‘It’s about rehabilitation of the military’s image in the wake of numerous failed wars. The film also helps foreground human pilots flying an actual combat mission – something very rare in these days of high-altitude airstrikes and drone warfare. It helps distract from all the drone pilots who’ve spoken out about the misery and horror inherent in that job.’

A quick thanks to the Struggle Session podcast, who I will be reaching out to about Theaters of War.  Stay tuned…

p.s. The picture for this post came from the DOD’s instagram, who recently posted some behind the scene pics from the filming of Top Gun: Maverick.