Due to the publisher of my book Superheroes, Movies and the State being a clown car of feckless cretins who have done absolutely nothing to promote the book, never even told me it was coming out and seem to have decided not to pay me any royalties, as far as I’m concerned the contract between us is null and void.  As such, I’m making Superheroes, Movies and the State freely available to anyone who wants it, so if you want it, come and get it.  Even if you don’t want it, download it and spread it around because I am well and truly done with this publisher taking my labour, making all the money off it and treating me like dirt.  It’s capitalism par excellence, hiding behind the masquerade of liberal academia, i.e. a panoply of certifiably irredeemable pricks.

Superheroes, Movies and the State

As well as Scribd, I’ve also made Superheroes, Movies and the State available via Slideshare, Zlibrary, Archive.org, library.bz and other similar sites will be adding it (hopefully) in the coming days.  Feel free to send a harshly worded dick pic to Kansas University Press, if that’s your metier, and I hope you enjoy the book.