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ClandesTime 121 - Operation Terror

ClandesTime 121 – Operation Terror

This week I am joined by Robbie Martin and Pearse Redmond to review and analyse the low budget conspiracy thriller Operation Terror. We analyse the plot – where a member of the Council on Foreign Relations recruits a CIA officer to prepare and carry out the 9/11 attacks – and ...
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'We will do NO press on this' - CIA emails on Claire Danes' first visit to Langley

‘We will do NO press on this’ – CIA emails on Claire Danes’ first visit to Langley

Newly-available emails show that when Claire Danes first visited CIA headquarters, she did so in very low-key fashion after a friendly CIA agent got her in. This confirms that the Agency have been involved in the production of Homeland since the first season, and shows how even their liaisons with ...
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Jack Valenti's FBI File (Part I)

Jack Valenti’s FBI File (Part I)

Jack Valenti was present at the JFK assassination and became a close aide to Lyndon Johnson before being made head of the Motion Picture Association of America. Valenti's lengthy FBI file - which I will be writing on in several parts - details his White House career, investigations into both ...
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