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Aaron Franz joined in the conversation as we looked at the film The Recruit, which more than any other film we’re covering in this season was moulded by CIA entertainment liaison Chase Brandon.  Like so many films, it tells the story of a young person inducted into a secret world with secret rules and codes of thinking and behaviour, and in doing so inducts the audience into that same world.  We discussed this dynamic from various angles – black operations, secret societies, occult or mystery school philosophies – before studying Brandon’s appearance in the most fascinating ‘making of’ documentary ever made.


Chase Brandon (IMDB)

Chase Brandon/Jeff Apple page from

Chase Brandon/Roger Towne page from

The Recruit (2003)

The Recruit – Spy School (making of)


  • According to the book “Company Man” written by a lawyer (John Rizzo) that worked for the Agency until 2003, Hollywood has an actual “liaison office” right there in Hollywood, and definitely is using Hollywood ‘stars” in their activities, at the very least to “spread propaganda” . Angelina Jolie is a perfect example; there is really no other explanation for her ‘rise” to “Hollywood Mother Teresa”, other than” she’s working for the Agency”. The complete and total lack of media criticism and the presence of a very great deal of ‘whitewashing of a mentally unstable, uneducated, brothersucking “town pump”, combined with her endless travelling between countries that are strongly associated with Agency activities underlines this assertion.

  • Sorry: that should read “…THE CIA has an actual “liaison office” right there in Hollywood…”