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It was recently announced that the story of former CIA and NSA contractor Edward Snowden is to be made into a Hollywood movie. The real life story, or at least the version told by Glenn Greenwald in his book No Place to Hide, will be produced by Sony Pictures and in particular by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

Wilson and Broccoli are best known for their involvement in the James Bond film franchise. Under their stewardship the films have becoming progressively more violent, and have increasingly involved participation from the US Department of Defense and the British intelligence services. In particular, Wilson worked closely with screenwriter and producer Richard Maibaum, who collaborated with military and intelligence services from WW2 to the end of the Cold War. Both Wilson and Broccoli were awarded OBEs in the 2008 honours list.

The most recent entry in the Bond film franchise, Skyfall, was released in late 2012 and predicted aspects of the Snowden story months before he began to leak documents and publicly identify himself. In the film Javier Bardem plays a rogue ex-MI6 agent with the ability to hack into any system he likes. So the people who are set to produce the film about Edward Snowden predicted the whole Snowden story in their last major production. This same ex-agent genius hacker character also appears in other movies, including Enemy of the State, which was produced in co-operation with the CIA.

More broadly, Sony Pictures were also responsible for the real life adaptations Captain Philips and The Social Network, both of which are hugely misleading films. Captain Philips was assisted by the US Navy, so it is no surprise that the storyline is grossly inaccurate and portrays the Navy as heroes. The Social Network tells the story of the founding of facebook, but makes no mention of the investment in facebook by James Breyer, a man with associates on the board of CIA venture capital firm In Q Tel. It also glosses over the investment of Peter Thiel, who founded a company with In Q Tel and now sits on the steering committee for the notorious Bilderberg Group.

Sony Pictures also made Zero Dark Thirty, which tells a profoundly flawed story about the manhunt for Osama Bin Laden. This film enjoyed an unprecedented amount of co-operation from the CIA, who maintained absolute editing power over the script. They clearly had no objection to the lengthy sexual-masochistic torture scenes that make up the first reel of the movie. Despite previously criticising the film, Greenwald is apparently now delighted to be working with the company that produced it, saying they ‘have a successful track record of making thoughtful and nuanced true-life stories that audiences want to see.’

Greenwald should also have no problem with the production company and producers maintaining good relationships with military and intelligence agencies. Greenwald’s new benefactor, ebay founder Pierre Omidyar has also invested in a company alongside the CIA’s In Q Tel, like Peter Thiel before him. Another investor in the same company is Booz Allen Hamilton, the former employer of Edward Snowden. The company that Thiel co-founded with In Q Tel, Palantir, helped develop the PRISM software that Snowden apparently blew the whistle on.

And what of Snowden himself? He has made no objection to Greenwald getting into bed with an ebay billionaire who has investments in the same company as the CIA. He has made no objection to Greenwald and Omidyar privatising the cache of document that he supposedly risked his life and abandoned his career and family to get out to the public. Why not?

He has told us that despite all his ‘revelations’: ‘I worked for the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency. I love my country, and I believe that spying serves a vital purpose and must continue.’ He also joked in an interview that: ‘I am still working for the NSA right now. They are the only ones who don’t realize it.’

So what can we predict from this about the forthcoming Snowden movie?

1)     It will tell a story that is essentially untrue.

2)     It will have more sex and violence than reality.

3)     It will downplay Snowden’s CIA connection, and all other CIA connections in this story.

4)     It will portray Snowden and Greenwald as heroes.

5)     It will either not mention Pierre Omidyar, or portray him as benevolent

6)     Security state agencies will probably be involved in the film’s production.

7)     It will portray the security state as ambiguous heroes, as a necessary evil.


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