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One of the benefits of working with academics such as the lovely Tricia Jenkins is that you get your work published in journals – a space usually reserved for people with PhDs to make up polysyllabic terms for things that most intelligent people figured out when they were 10 years old.  I’m joking, but I’m also not joking.  In any case, an article adapted from our work co-writing a forthcoming kick-ass book has been accepted by the Journal of American Culture and is now available via some sort of early-access online-only pre-publication whatnot that you may or may not be able to access here:

Battling for the Future of Space in Superhero Movies: NASA, the United States Space Force, The Avengers and Captain Marvel

This is the first of two journal articles based on chapter of our forthcoming book Superheroes, Movies and the State: How the Government Shapes a Popular Genre.  Title and release date TBC.