The Lone Gladio: Video Review

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Throughout the Cold War and up to the present day Western intelligence services have used fiction as a weapon of psychological warfare. From James Bond to 24, from Animal Farm to Argo, they have deceived the public and covered up their secrets.

The latest book by former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds turns all this on its head, and in the process has reinvented the spy thriller. The Lone Gladio, partly based on Sibel’s own experiences, tells the story of two FBI agents who are forced out of the bureau when their investigation stumbles onto a shadowy criminal network within the Deep State.

An intricate, globetrotting narrative unfolds. The cast of characters includes spies, radical imams, high level politicians, investigative journalists, terrorists, and a billionaire haunted by the murder of his son. From the Washington field office of the FBI, to the cliffs of Cyprus, to the city of Baku to the jungles of Vietnam, The Lone Gladio takes us where no spy story has gone before:  a pageturning tale of crime and discovery, of love and retribution.

Edmonds has been ignored by the mainstream media, gagged by the Federal Government, but has still managed to shed light on some of NATO’s very worst crimes, including the attacks of 9/11.

As her new book explains, the Gladio network that was responsible for so much violence during the Cold War was not shut down when the Soviet Union collapsed. Instead, it simply changed its personnel, and modified its strategy. Drug smuggling, child prostitution and false flag terror are the stock in trade of the Gladio B network. Radical Islamists are its new shock troops. Turkey, the Caucasus and Central Asia its new centre of operations. The entire Middle East, indeed the entire world, its new battleground. 9/11 was just the beginning.

The Lone Gladio is the most important book by a former insider since Philip Agee’s Inside the Company, with the notable exception of Sibel’s autobiography, Classified Woman. It is the boldest, bravest thriller available, and quite possibly the best spy story I have ever read.

This is an open source intelligence review.


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