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I recently joined Henri of Fortress on a Hill to discuss the National Geographic drama series The Long Road Home, in light of the over 400 pages of documents that I obtained detailing the US Army’s support for the show.  We discussed the inaccuracies, misrepresentations and in some cases downright deceits prevalent throughout the series, how it wavers between realism and magical drama, and its treatment of the anti-war/peace movement.

Via Fortress on a Hill:

Today, I sit down with Tom Secker of to discuss the National Geographic series The Long Road Home.  Here, Tom and I note its lack of discussion on the historical and cultural questions surrounding the massive battle in Sadr City, known by veterans of the battle as Black Sunday, and the military questions I have as a soldier who was fighting against the same Mahdi militia in Southern Iraq at the same time.

My expose of The Long Road Home for Shadowproof

US Army emails on The Long … by on Scribd