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I continue my review of HBO’s The Newsroom by looking at season two – wherein a series of whistleblowers accuse the Pentagon of using sarin gas on civilians during a covert operation.  We examine the real life basis for this storyline – the Tailwind controversy – as well as the Yellow Rain allegations from the Vietnam war.  I discuss how this second season is simultaneously the most ambitious but also the most anticlimactic of the three seasons, and outline the show’s underlying contempt for subversive and dissenting journalists, as well as the American radical left.  Carrying on from my season one review I talk about the treatment of both whistleblowers and the war on terror, before rounding off by looking at the most shameless example of self-plagiarism in the history of screenwriting.

This is a preview of my review of The Newsroom season 2.  To gain access to the full podcast, as well as other subcriber-only content, please visit my support page.