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Hi everyone and thanks for tuning in – this is just a quick intro because a listener said I should release audio versions of my video essays so everyone who subscribes to this podcast can either listen to the audio if that’s what they prefer but also so you know there’s a new video essay out, if you’re one of those people who rarely visits my site and just subscribes to ClandesTime via a podcatcher or app or whatever. If you do want to watch the video it’s on my youtube channel at and on my main site

So, In this video essay I reveal the inner workings of the LAPD’s Hollywood office (the Entertainment Trademark Unit), in particular how they worked on ABC’s The Rookie. I analyse how the show dilutes and trivialises sexism and racism in the LAPD, police brutality and excessive force, violation of civil rights, predictive policing and rogue cops and LAPD corruption, including the Rampart scandal. I also detail how The Rookie has boosted police recruitment, and how its star Nathan Fillion has admitted it is copaganda for the LAPD.