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Aaron and Uncle invited both Pearse and myself onto Uncle the Podcast for this one-of-a-kind review of Top Gun, possibly the best piece of military propaganda ever made.  Despite being a promotion for the military, all four of us love the movie and we extol the virtues of the soundtrack, the performances of Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Michael Ironside and the rest of the cast, the spectacular aerial photography and many other aspects of this ludicrous but hugely enjoyable film.  As the conversation progresses we also get into the script changes imposed by the military in exchange for their support, the filming locations provided by the US Navy (including the ship were Osama Bin Laden was allegedly buried), and other behind-the-scenes details of the production.  This is one part comedy, one part Tony Scott love-fest, one part political criticism and one part no idea what’s going on because skype was playing silly bastards.  Not to be missed.