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In the latest FOIA release the US Marine Corps have provided me with a list of files in the Marine Corps Motion Picture Television Liaison Office (MPTLO).  According to the release letter, ‘The identified projects are those in which the USMC was asked to participate or advise. However, the dates of those projects were not readily available, and it was not clear whether, or not the USMC actually participated in them.’  To find out which of these projects the USMC actually participated in will require a more lengthy search, which they are trying to get me to pay for.

What is particularly bizarre is that the list does not contain any of the titles that the MPTLO website lists as being among their portfolio.  I have emailed them back asking why this is.  In the meantime, download the list of files in the MPTLO archive here (PDF file) and start filing requests for any individual file on the list.  There are some truly bizarre entries including quite a lot of reality TV dross, further expanding on what we learned about the extent of military-intelligence involvement from the DOD film list.