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Pearse invited me back onto his new radio show to discuss my recent piece on Three Days of the Condor and some of the alternative history of Watergate.  We get into the infamous picture of Robert Redford and Richard Helms and ask why the CIA were monitoring Helms’ on set appearance during the filming of Condor, given the film’s very negative portrait of the Agency.  We move onto Watergate, the subject of a recent news story that provided confirmation that Eugenio Martinez – one of the burglars – was a CIA agent at the time of the break in.  The death of J Edgar Hoover and the role of the CIA’s liaison to the Plumbers John Paisley forms the basis for a sideways look at the Watergate situation, and we also ruminate on the similarities with what is happening today with Clinton and the DNC leaks.

In the second hour we are joined by Guillermo Jimenez to discuss Trump’s similarity to populist South American politicians, the ‘Is Hilary Clinton sick?’ meme and other issues relating to the upcoming election.