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Well well, it seems the BBC are a nest of crypto-leftist peaceniks after all – Theaters of War recently got a shout out on the BBC Radio 4 comedy show Alexei Sayle’s Imaginary Sandwich Bar.  Alexei is a notorious left wing comedian here in the UK and evidently saw Theaters of War and wanted to flag it up for his audience, which is both satisfying and flattering.  Obviously, I don’t expect the BBC to be broadcasting the documentary itself any time soon, but the fact that this year has seen some of the most mainstream outlets in the country pick up on this topic and the work we have done is great.  It shows have we’ve overcome many of the initial ignorances, refusals and denials that you typically face when trying to introduce new evidence and fundamentally shift the inner and outer limits of the conversation.  Also, comedy is funny.

Clip from Alexei’s show below.